Tuesday, July 12, 2011

True Love

   "A beauty, being plucked by a dark sewing wheel that was given to her by an old, poor woman whom was actually an evil, dark witch in disguise. The pluck on her finger made her fall into a deep sleep; never to be awakened but from a kiss from her one true love... her soul mate, the guy that God set her up with; the one that she has a lot in common with, the one that finishes her sentences". News flash, that's "Sleeping Beauty"! A fairy tale!

You would think that we would all have a soul mate, someone that God has set us up with. Well... We do but anyone can be our soul mate! "Anyone" and not "everyone". We can choose anyone we please to date and marry. Now me, I married someone who I'm very compatible with and whom I love with all my heart but do I have "true love" for him? Ah so it does exist! (True Love is real but not in the fairy tale sense but as the way God intended us to love).I can honestly say that I am working on it! The bible describes love (True Love) and says love is patient and kind, it doesn't envy or boast, it's not proud or rude or self- seeking, it's not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth and it always trusts, protects, hopes, and perseveres. Love never fails.

My love is not perfect for my husband and I don't know whose love is but I do know that I am trying!
The first time I met my husband was on the internet. We were dating on a game online for about 2 years. I fell in love with him because I believed that God was telling me it was ok to love this person. At the time I was getting very close to God; I didn't have much else to do in my life so I didn't have a lot of things distracting me.
I was ready for something new in my life. Little did I know so was he and his life wasn't so great either. He wanted a family, he prayed for a family (now he has one :)). I remember the first time we met, he rode the bus for 2 days from MaryLand  all the way to Texas just to see me on my 20th birthday. He told me that he thought I was an angel because God had answered his prayer and he said I was as sweet as one too! We got married a year later and have a son together.
We are still working on that true love though, we can't forget that!

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