Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black Death

   "Whoa"! "Yeah, I know my title is kinda scary"... "Black Death", "where did that come from"....?
Well "Black Death" is what they called the disease back in the 1300's that killed 30 to 60% of the European population... But that's not exactly what I'm talking about here, though partly. I'm more likely talking about the 2010 movie "Black Death"! It was a surprisingly religious movie; though I don't know why it was surprising since   the church was everything to the people in the 1300's ect. At least until they started making technology and medicine!

Which brings me to my point: Technology is evil! Just kidding, but technology has taken some of the glory off of the Lord and the church and for some people it took them away from God and separated them making it harder to find God because they're too busy enjoying the pleasure that technology brings. Anyway to get back on topic: I just thought the movie was going to be more about witches and stuff; which it was... It was just more religious. Now that I think about it, I think it was probably something that the director didn't mean to do but God spoke through that movie and I heard him. That is probably why the movie wasn't in theaters for long. There was defiantly something in the spirit and even someone who doesn't want to see Black Death because they don't want to see a religious movie is something in the spirit. Because if a movie is saying something about  God then we should want to see it, we should want to hear God because God does not always talk in  a way we can hear him. God speaks through everything.

The movie Black Death is a thinking movie and I recommend that you watch it, though it is set in the past we can always learn from it! I also found out that the screenwriter did intend for it to be a thinking movie so who knows...


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