Sunday, July 17, 2011

You have to like someone to hate someone.

Well do you? A lot of people would say no but I don't think that to be true. You do have to like someone to hate someone and do you know why? Because of the way it feels... you have to be interested to hate someone and you'll have to express more "like" to continue to hate someone.

Almost like love really... but there is a thin line between love and hate. It's very easy to get mixed up; first you like someone then you hate someone and vice versa! I think that's a reason why some people would agree with me, because they just happen to feel it's right! Also there is the fact that one form of hate is jealousy and we all know where that comes from: Envy. = Wanting.= Like.

My explanation is this: A lot of emotions that we have, that we feel; mixes like a cocktail (weird explanation I know)!  A lot of them are just higher forms of simpler emotions ex. like = love, hate= like+anger+pride+dislike. Hating someone, you will have an interest to hate them and you're angry with them and your pride is keeping you from letting it go while you dislike that person. All emotions are connected with each other; they walk hand and hand with one another because they all originate from love.

The reason I believe you have to like someone to hate someone the most is because we were all created in God's image; including our emotions. They all lead back to God and God is love.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Like a puzzle piece.

I was on set today, can't tell you where exactly or for what because it's confidential but I can tell you what I was doing while I was waiting to do some  "extra" work. I was working on a new song. It's called God of many meanings and while I was working on that song; in my mind, I came across... The puzzle piece, a small puzzle piece that with many other pieces to the puzzle I can create a finished picture!

I can see clearly now! For I have found my lost puzzle pieces! Just as in one person has an Idea and another person has one and another and another. We can put our minds together to make a more clear picture. A lot of things can be interpreted in different ways, different meanings for different people. the biggest argument that people make that I can think of, is the bible.Some people say the bible says this and others say the bible says that but if we would just stop arguing and put our heads together we can come up with a true answer!

Somethings that go on in people's heads are important because we are important ( we are all children of God).  and just telling them that they are wrong is not going to help them. In fact, it's going to put them down; which God said not to do because we don't know who that person is or what they are talking about because what they say could be true. When you do that you're judging the person; it's like your all up in the koolaid and don't even know the flavor!

I  don't think anyone is truly wrong because in every religion there is something that is right! We are all trying to find out who God is and some of us know, others don't... That's why we should put our heads together and listen to what our brothers and sisters say, even if it doesn't make any sense. We might miss something if we don't. Just remember united we stand and divided we fall; that works on a spiritual level too!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

True Love

   "A beauty, being plucked by a dark sewing wheel that was given to her by an old, poor woman whom was actually an evil, dark witch in disguise. The pluck on her finger made her fall into a deep sleep; never to be awakened but from a kiss from her one true love... her soul mate, the guy that God set her up with; the one that she has a lot in common with, the one that finishes her sentences". News flash, that's "Sleeping Beauty"! A fairy tale!

You would think that we would all have a soul mate, someone that God has set us up with. Well... We do but anyone can be our soul mate! "Anyone" and not "everyone". We can choose anyone we please to date and marry. Now me, I married someone who I'm very compatible with and whom I love with all my heart but do I have "true love" for him? Ah so it does exist! (True Love is real but not in the fairy tale sense but as the way God intended us to love).I can honestly say that I am working on it! The bible describes love (True Love) and says love is patient and kind, it doesn't envy or boast, it's not proud or rude or self- seeking, it's not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth and it always trusts, protects, hopes, and perseveres. Love never fails.

My love is not perfect for my husband and I don't know whose love is but I do know that I am trying!
The first time I met my husband was on the internet. We were dating on a game online for about 2 years. I fell in love with him because I believed that God was telling me it was ok to love this person. At the time I was getting very close to God; I didn't have much else to do in my life so I didn't have a lot of things distracting me.
I was ready for something new in my life. Little did I know so was he and his life wasn't so great either. He wanted a family, he prayed for a family (now he has one :)). I remember the first time we met, he rode the bus for 2 days from MaryLand  all the way to Texas just to see me on my 20th birthday. He told me that he thought I was an angel because God had answered his prayer and he said I was as sweet as one too! We got married a year later and have a son together.
We are still working on that true love though, we can't forget that!

Black Death

   "Whoa"! "Yeah, I know my title is kinda scary"... "Black Death", "where did that come from"....?
Well "Black Death" is what they called the disease back in the 1300's that killed 30 to 60% of the European population... But that's not exactly what I'm talking about here, though partly. I'm more likely talking about the 2010 movie "Black Death"! It was a surprisingly religious movie; though I don't know why it was surprising since   the church was everything to the people in the 1300's ect. At least until they started making technology and medicine!

Which brings me to my point: Technology is evil! Just kidding, but technology has taken some of the glory off of the Lord and the church and for some people it took them away from God and separated them making it harder to find God because they're too busy enjoying the pleasure that technology brings. Anyway to get back on topic: I just thought the movie was going to be more about witches and stuff; which it was... It was just more religious. Now that I think about it, I think it was probably something that the director didn't mean to do but God spoke through that movie and I heard him. That is probably why the movie wasn't in theaters for long. There was defiantly something in the spirit and even someone who doesn't want to see Black Death because they don't want to see a religious movie is something in the spirit. Because if a movie is saying something about  God then we should want to see it, we should want to hear God because God does not always talk in  a way we can hear him. God speaks through everything.

The movie Black Death is a thinking movie and I recommend that you watch it, though it is set in the past we can always learn from it! I also found out that the screenwriter did intend for it to be a thinking movie so who knows...