Saturday, June 25, 2011

As A Lost Sheep.

As a young girl,.. 9 years old.... I had just woke up for school. I was confused, I started to beat my head in puzzlement. I didn't know what to do or what had happened! I was lost; I wanted to run up to my mother and cuddle into her open arms. I was scared! tears rolling down my eyes... I let out a loud scream "Mama"! "I can't hear"!

After that Terrible incident I've been going to the doctor's non- stop and after I lost my hearing I lost my balance too. Though, even before that I've had surgery on my eyes and gotten  other surgery. I was sad but not just because of the surgery but because I wanted to go outside and play like any normal kid! I did for the most part. I remember getting my first hearing aid, I couldn't hear from it at all! Then I went in for surgery to get my Cochlear Implant; it sounded like everyone was from another planet! But I eventually got used to it.

I have to admit I was a little tomboy and you just couldn't keep me inside I loved to run around! I bet your wondering how could a 9 year old girl run around when her balance was so bad she had to be put in a wheelchair? Well I got out of that wheelchair and held on the back of that chair and I walked with it until I was able to run! Because I remember what my aunt in San Antonio said to me, That god would someday heal me and she gave me the courage to not give up! I never forgot that!

At that time I always wanted to sing. My mom used to make my brothers and sisters sings as a choir, I was in it but that was before I lost my hearing... I still loved to sing and I remember me making my life a musical and singing when ever and about whatever was bothering me whether I was happy or sad!

I always thought I could sing after awhile I found out that I couldn't! It hurt me so much but I just didn't want to give up singing... My eldest brother was into rapping and I thought I should do it too. My brothers and sisters  encouraged me to! So I came about rapping but I wasn't good at it till high school... From there, that's when I wanted to share my wisdom and understanding with the world! Through the songs that I write, through the gift
that God gave me...

I believe I was a lost sheep! I believe that God called me to be more than I am today! How was I lost? you might wonder. I was in a place mentally, where I didn't know where I was or what I was going to do! I wasn't physically lost; I was different, separated from the other sheep, thinking that I didn't belong but now I know. I know because God has found me! He left all his sheep like a good shepherd and found his lost sheep now that sheep is standing right by his side to find his other lost sheep!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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