Friday, October 21, 2011

WTF!?! Aliens!!!

Since the beginning of time there have been some people who claim they've seen aliens, claim they've heard aliens and even believe in aliens. Now wait one second... What are aliens? they are supposed to be the most mature race; possibly on another planet. Hold on... I thought we, humans were the most mature race on the planet...? We are!

The Idea of aliens is a horror story yet; time tells that there were people who believe in them, who've actually seen them but what those people saw were not aliens at all it was the devil and his demons in disguise. The Bible even tells us that this is what the devil does. He tries to get people to turn away from God by any means.

The reason why people believe in aliens is because  they know and believe that something else is out there. They know deep down inside that there is more to life and they are not the supreme race. All of that is true but it is God that is out there, It is God that helped humans in the beginning to settle on earth, God is the supreme race and being; Aliens have nothing to do with it!

Just think about it, what would an alien do if you met one close up? How would you react? Why would an alien dare help a human through anything? It doesn't make any since at all to have an alien to be the supreme being. In truth God is an alien because he's not of this world but at the same time he is because he created it and don't get it twisted because God is not like those aliens in the movies; we will never be able to picture him. even if you tried, you couldn't even imagine because our brains don't process that far. Because God is everything yet he's nothing at the same time.