Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Bible Reflects On Life

I know what is real, what the truth is about life. I know an answer that some people have been struggling to find and I have proof that Christianity is the one and true religion...

We have all heard that the proof was in the Bible, well it is but where in the Bible? How can anyone get proof from an old book; which could have been written by anyone? The Bible shows a reflect on life! I always believed the truth was all around us! In the old testament there was alot of killing, yes but at that time killing wasn't as bad as it is today and God said that it was ok to kill your enemies because he understood human nature ( he did create everyone after all) and It was only the beginning of the world. It does not make any since to have the world start like 5 million years before people, like some people say...

God Made things somewhat easy for people in the old testament but then he decided to change his strategy.
That's when Jesus came and preached to everyone about love and when the old testament changed so did the way of living. We can see that our life's are more like the new testament because the Bible reflects on life! They are both Parallel and if you can't see that then your blind.

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